What should an advertising film look like in 2021?

What should an advertising film look like in 2021?

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The new year is coming soon. With its advent, we can anticipate advertising trends that will increase even more.

In this article, you will learn what to do to make your advertising movie as profitable as possible. Where to place an ad and how to personalize it for a specific place? What should our video ad look like on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube?

First, let’s deal with the format .

Vertical or horizontal advertising film?

A few years ago, vertical recording was to be expected, to put it mildly, against criticism. After all, the viewer will not rotate the monitor, even if it has the pivot function. He will also not turn the laptop sideways, just to see our advertisement, the mere sight of which was unexpected. Times are changing and so has this approach. For platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok records vertically.

On the YouTube platform, the trend of vertical video is not that strong. This is because people on this platform watch longer content and more advanced productions that are meant to be viewed on larger screens. The likelihood that the next movie in the play queue will be vertical is low. Do not force the user to turn the device. Publish horizontally on YouTube.

Why is the horizontal recording still at 1. place?

It is more natural to our field of view. Do you still remember when the screens were square? At the end of this era, producers boasted about a panoramic image. It was something special. Now it is standard and ultra wide screens are becoming more and more popular.

This standard may slowly change with the increase in the use of mobile devices. So far, this direction can be seen in advertisements. In films, I expect the use of virtual reality and 360 ° technology rather than the transition to the vertical aspect.

Let’s move on to what an advertising video should look like on specific platforms.

Advertising film on YouTube

Don’t put long videos as an advertisement before the video you are watching !

Why? Have you ever seen an hour-long ad before a YouTube video? Did you watch it all, skip it after 5 seconds, or did it accidentally close after 20 minutes? Even if it is interesting, you cannot scroll through it. You cannot see the comments or reactions. This is where you see data from a movie that you may have forgotten but stopped watching …

This does not mean that we should not use longer content on this platform. On the contrary – long customer retention time will help us build a relationship and turn it into our customer. We post long content as video suggestions . And for ads, choose short, dynamic films from which the recipient will not be able to take his eyes off the skip button.

filmy reklamowe katowice
Zobacz moje filmy reklamowe

What type of YouTube ad should you choose?

On YouTube, ads are divided into short ones – up to 5 seconds , it is not possible to skip them. They should contain the essence of our brand.

More than 5 seconds but preferably less than 60 seconds. In some cases, they may take up to several minutes. For example, when what our advertisement says is interesting, not for us, but for the recipient.

Let’s use the shortest in campaigns focused on the reach and recognition of the brand. Longer for other activities and conversions.

The form of advertising in terms of dynamics may resemble a movie on TikTok.

As an example, I am leaving this year’s Samsung Galaxy A ad, whose words “awesome screen, awesome camera” I cannot read without singing. It is a universal advertisement and with the appropriate format it will work well on other platforms.

Advertising film for Facebook and Instagram

The average ad viewing time is a few seconds. On Facebook and Instagram, we cannot impose 5 seconds to watch an advertisement. Your ads may appear in a variety of places, including stories. Stories can be skipped very quickly, so let’s take care of the first seconds of the movie. Thanks to this, the user does not “click” our advertisement. We can also create a longer material (for example, thirty seconds), in which case it will take up several relationship cards. This will increase the chance of seeing the ad.

jaki format reklamy na facebooku

I threw Facebook and Instagram into one bag, because by creating Facebook ads, we can display them on Instagram and vice versa. We only need one ad for these platforms. We should use her various formats (16: 9 horizontal, 9:16 vertical, or 1: 1 square)to tailor the display to specific locations. Facebook gives us a handy tool for this. We find them in ad manager while editing your video ad.

dostosowanie materialu reklamowego facebook

How to advertise on TikTok?

In 2021, I predict an increase in marketing activities on relatively new platforms. Nowadays, many companies are afraid to take the risk of entering this media with a patch of teen content. What are the reasons to start advertising right here?

TikTok, and Instagram Reels will soon be joining it, has its own rules. This is the platform on which you can easily get tens or even hundreds of thousands of views. My record is 3 million views on a movie that is a beach prank.

On this platform, you have the best chance of getting advertising with a zero budget. Read on for some of my tips for getting more views on TikTok.

The key to success is creating a series of movies in which everyone will enjoy great popularity.

On TikTok, create short advertising videos (up to 10 seconds) in portrait orientation .

When creating an advertising film, we must first know where it will be published. This will help us avoid reassembly at best. And worst of all, recording the entire clip from the beginning in a different orientation.

If you are looking for a professional who will make your advertising film for any platform , please contact me .

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