Advertising films Katowice, Silesia

Production of advertising films Katowice, Silesia

My portfolio of films , advertising spots, promotional videos made in Silesia , mainly Katowice.

Product advertising animations for companies and online stores. Preparation for advertising campaigns.

If you are interested in advertising films Silesia, check the materials below or contact me directly.

Event advertising films

Films from events, i.e. event videos will show the brand from its best side. Show the life of your company, employee relations and capture the most important moments of the company.

video promoting the event 

A Christmas movie from Katowice’s Christmas markets 2021. Promotion of the city. Presentation with the participation of a model.

Advertising animations

The simple graphic message of the advertising animation will make customers easily understand what you are doing. Dynamic animation will increase the pickup time in ads.

Advertising of the mobile application

An advertisement with joyful recorded for “Wesele z class膮” to be used, inter alia, on Google Play.

Installation of materials from the drone

Dynamic advertising animation to be placed on the landing page. With licensed music from .

advertising animation with a teacher

Animated advertising spot with subtitles and a voice-over service. The film is great at attracting the attention of recipients in social media.

animated presentation

Bring your presentation to life with animated elements.

Product advertising films

Product advertising films are replacing product photos faster and faster. Let your customers learn about the key features of the product or service. Thanks to the videos, they will get to know the product accurately and quickly, which will translate into high sales.

advertising of biohac glasses

Realization of a product promotional video for the product of Biohac blue light blocking glasses. A film with a professional voice-over service.

Vaire promotional spot

A film for the Vaire anti-smog mask brand. Animated logotype and synchronization with music. Carried out together with a product photo session.

Low-budget advertising films

product film

Low-budget product video showing the operation of the product.

product film

A simple product video for an online store.

Vertical ads on Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts

I produce vertical ads for Instagram Reels, Facebook, Tiktok and YouTube Shorts coverage. A short form with subtitles and a teacher attracts attention and allows you to reach hundreds of thousands of people at the lowest cost.

advertising on youtube shorts or reels

Advertising to build big reach on Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts or Facebook. Thanks to it, you will cheaply generate traffic in Google B umper Ads.

tiktok advertising for an online store

In this ten second TikTok video, I flew a drone into a parcel locker. This translated into 220,000 views. Check how to generate hundreds of views on TikTok.

Blog about advertising films

Read more about advertising videos below and check out my drone videos.

Price list of advertising films

  • Advertising film - platinum package od 5000 z艂

    Full film production from analysis through script, recording, to advertising in a selected channel. Configuration of the Facebook or Google advertising campaign included in the price. I provide a license for the movie along with the soundtrack from the specialized audio library.

  • Product video od 1500 z艂

    Recording a video covering one product or a set of products. Material for the product page and adapted to the advertising formats.

  • Vertical relationship on Instagram od 1000 z艂

    Recording and / or editing of a vertical video lasting 6-30 seconds that works well as a vertical advertisement on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok.

  • Advertising animation od 1500 z艂

    Movie with the use of motion graphics or video presentation. Animation of the brand's logotype with an audio background.

  • Other services Wycena indywidualna

    Videos from corporate events, photo sessions, advertising spots, film editing, creating a thumbnail for a YouTube video, social media videos, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

The prices given are net prices. 23% VAT should be added to them.


I create most of the commercials and film production in the 艢l膮skie and Ma艂opolskie voivodships.

I implement projects all over Poland. Possible remote cooperation.

Most common locations:

  • Silesia

Katowice , Cz臋stochowa, Sosnowiec, Gliwice, Zabrze, Bielsko-Bia艂a, Bytom, Ruda 艢l膮ska, Rybnik, Tychy, D膮browa G贸rnicza, Chorz贸w, Jaworzno, Jastrz臋bie-Zdr贸j, Mys艂owice, Siemianowice 艢l膮skie, 呕ory, Piekary 艢l膮skie, 艢wi臋toch艂owice, Miko艂贸w, B臋dzin, Cieszyn , Skocz贸w

  • Lesser Poland


gdzie realizuj臋 filmy reklamowe katowice krak贸w bielsko-bia艂a 艣l膮sk ma艂opolska szymon buba艂a

Video ad delivery times

The completion date depends on the service.

The simplest services – e.g. basic editing of a film provided by you can be carried out even on the same day.

Complicated film projects requiring greater creativity and cooperation with teachers, models, models can be completed in no less than 5 working days ( depending on the available calendar) .

filmy reklamowe Katowice

Advertising spots in service packages

  1. Design consultations
  2. Target audience analysis
  3. Writing the script
  4. Choosing a place
  5. Choice of actors
  6. Recording a video for specific advertising platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc.)
    • available equipment: Sony camera, DJI camera stabilizer, DJI drone
  7. Editing with special effects
    1. Adding an animation
    2. Sound effects (sound design)
    3. Music
    4. Lector
  8. Implementation and optimization of the advertising campaign in selected advertising platforms
  1. Creating an advertising film
  2. Product photo session

The film and photo service allows you to save your budget. I take photos that you use on the product page or on platforms such as Instagram.

Recommended package for online stores.

Sample product photos for e-commerce in the package with the film:

advertising film for online stores advertising film package and product session advertising films katowice

Why should you use my video services

I provide comprehensive implementation of the advertising film. What does this mean for you?

You will save time, avoid unnecessary expenses, and the entire advertising process will be consistent.

We will start with consultations so that I can understand your customers and your needs as much as possible. We can conduct consultations in a format convenient for you ( we do not have to, if you prefer to spend your time on something else) throughout the entire project implementation .

Then I will start writing the script and looking for the right place and actors , I will record a movie for a specific platform (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and even TikTok).
The format of the film largely depends on it – whether it should be vertical, horizontal, or maybe in a square format.

Then I will do post-production. So I will add all this, thanks to which we will keep the attention of the recipient – your future client – as long as possible.

I am adding sound to the film based on the platform. There are tons of high-quality songs on there. I enclose a license for the sound or voice-over recording attached to the film.

Thanks to my marketing experience, I will help you reach your target groups using advertising platforms such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

You can also use some of the services from the package . For example, if you have raw video material, we won’t have to re-record it, which will translate into a lower price.

The choice of an advertising film depends on several factors. The most important of these are the product or service offered, the budget and the expected result. During the conversation, we will determine the best form of advertising for your business or online store. You can also read how to choose an advertising film for your company on the blog.

How many video producers do you know for online stores that own online stores? I’m glad if I’m the first on this list 馃槉

I am the owner of the online store Interestingly, and the Biohac and Vaire brands. Thanks to this, I know how to create high-conversion advertising spots.

Do you want to increase sales of your product? Let’s talk without obligation on how to show your product or service in the form of a video.

produkcja spot贸w reklamowych 艢l膮sk
ciasteczka na stronie szymon buba艂a

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