Does website speed matter?

czy szybkosc strony ma znaczenie gatsby react vue angular

When creating a new online store, blog or landing page, we wonder if the speed of the website matters. How to create a fast website?

Your own marketing idea on YouTube

pomysl na marketing na youtube

Marketing on YouTube can take many forms. For me, it took the form of fun combined with work. I show the backstage of my work, imposing on myself unusual conditions. Together with our photographers, we record videos in which … we take pictures! We photograph under time pressure, competing with each other. We have a […]

3 ways to choose a social media channel for the company compress image 7

Are you struggling with the challenge of where to start creating content for your business, or maybe you want to choose an advertising platform for your client? Which social media platform is the best to use? Below you will learn about 3 personally tested methods of choosing a social media platform for the company. The […]

What should an advertising film look like in 2021?

jak powinien wygladac film reklamowy w 2021 roku

The new year is coming soon. With its advent, we can anticipate advertising trends that will increase even more. In this article, you will learn what to do to make your advertising movie as profitable as possible. Where to place an ad and how to personalize it for a specific place? What should our video […]

3 mistakes i made when pre-ordering a physical product

okulary biohac przedsprzedaz na allegro

In September 2020, I launched the presale of Biohac blue light blocking glasses. This was the first time I used such a sales model and made a few mistakes that you can avoid thanks to this article. What are these mistakes? What did they result in and did I repair the damage they caused? Advance […]

How to get 100,000 views on TikTok? [FILM]

Jak zdobyć 100 000 wyświetleń na TikToku

In this post, you will learn about three ways to get hundreds of thousands of views on a tick. You will read about the impact of reactions, likes and shares. And also you will find out if TikTok makes sense as a marketing platform for your business.

Castle in Będzin – cinematic shots from a drone

Zamek w Będzinie z drona Mavic Air i sound design

We went on a bicycle ride from Katowice to the castle in Będzin. We wanted to be on time around 8pm, because that’s when the “golden hour” falls. During the golden hour, we will observe the most interesting colors, and the light is softer than in the middle of the day.When shooting this material, the […]

Vaire photo session

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Product photo session of anti-smog masks Below you will see photos from photo sessions that I made for my own brand with Vaire anti-smog masks.

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