Castle in Będzin – cinematic shots from a drone

Castle in Będzin – cinematic shots from a drone

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We went on a bicycle ride from Katowice to the castle in Będzin. We wanted to be on time around 8pm, because that’s when the “golden hour” falls. During the golden hour, we will observe the most interesting colors, and the light is softer than in the middle of the day.
When shooting this material, the problem was the very limited range of the Mavic Air, which lost signal after several dozen meters or when it was behind one of the towers.

See the movie I shot there. After recording, I took care of video editing and also made a basic sound design.

The medieval royal castle is one of the most beautiful places in Silesia. We can admire the panorama of Będzin here and we will not need a drone. This is due to the fact that the castle is situated on a hill.

The castle hill is directly adjacent to the park

If you are interested in the history of the stronghold, I will not rewrite what you find in other sources. In return, I send you, for example, to Wikipedia %C4% 99dzinie

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