Your own marketing idea on YouTube

Your own marketing idea on YouTube

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Marketing on YouTube can take many forms. For me, it took the form of fun combined with work. I show the backstage of my work, imposing on myself unusual conditions.

Together with our photographers, we record videos in which … we take pictures!

We photograph under time pressure, competing with each other. We have a goal and we have a lot of fun. We want to get our viewers inside our challenge so that they can identify with us.

Below you will be able to see our videos. But we’ll get to that later!

Why do I record photo challenges?

There are several reasons. It’s hard to choose the most important one.

Especially now, when meetings with friends are limited, I find such outings a great way to be alone .

Recording photographic challenges is something that gives me the most fun and satisfaction .

I think it’s thanks to many factors, such as competing for the best result, being able to take interesting photos , getting to know a lot of people , and also spending time with people who share a passion with me.

Viewers can recognize me through the lens, but also as a person. Although it is known that in front of the camera and under time pressure, I can be more nervous. I think that I will create an interesting relationship with you, you will think about me when looking for a photographer, cameraman or marketer.

Recording videos like these is a good way to get familiar with the camcorder. And „hitting” random people is a good way to improve your confidence. Maybe some of the readers still remember this shy Simon? 🙂

Besides, I try to make each next movie on the channel technically better and more interesting for you. Thanks to this, I improve my editing skills and develop myself in YouTube marketing. I check if I am successful in terms of the viewership rate of the film.

Unfortunately, something always goes wrong as we would like. The biggest problem at the moment is the microphone, which will be shipped under warranty after the third recording.

What movies did we record?

So far we have recorded 3 photo challenges.

Further on, you will find out how the preparations for each of the films looked like.

I will also answer an important question. Is perfection better or continuous improvement?

The beginning of this challenge was the idea to ask a group of photographers on Facebook „TFP Silesia” if there would be anyone willing to record the challenge.

To my surprise, the response was positive! I found some photographers willing.

Śląsk TFP fotograficzne wyzwanie

Finally, I met with Kamil before recording to determine what it would look like. It went downhill from there, but it was not without problems …

To facilitate communication and get in touch with people willing to record, I have set up a group on Facebook, the Photographic Challenge .

If you like this concept and would like to take part in it, feel free to join!

We asked 50+ people in Katowice for a photo

This is our first movie. Idea attempt. We had no idea how it would be received by passers-by.

First things first! What is this photographic challenge all about?

Me and Kamil had only 10 minutes to take as many pictures of strangers as possible.

Who will take more photos – the one wins 🏆

Interestingly, I didn’t hear any unpleasant reply.

Yes, some disagreed. Most often due to the reluctance to show ourselves in public , fear in front of the camera or not understanding what we need a given photo for.

Despite technical mishaps, the film was received very positively – thank you for that!

If you haven’t seen him yet, check below who won this challenge:

Just one photo

After the great fun that accompanied us with the first recording, we decided to repeat our challenge!

The first film could be subsumed into a social experiment , and this time the challenge was more focused on shooting .

Our task was to take three types of photos , but for each of them we only had one try and a 5-minute time limit.

Watching people’s reactions will be a great entertainment for the viewers, and also for us during the recording.

In our second film, despite the lower dynamics caused by the fact that the Silesian Park was almost empty, we managed to „make us laugh” and introduce some enthusiasm through editing.

Each of the three photographers had one attempt to take a photo from each of the three categories:
– portrait of a stranger
– photo of the animal
– photo of reflection (reflections)

As I mentioned earlier, I found photographers for this challenge in the group. Except for Marcin who recorded the event.

Can you do interesting things with people you meet online?

Of course!

We asked 40 people in Krakow for a photo

The rules of this challenge were mirrored to those in the first photo challenge, so I won’t repeat myself. *

Looking at the first film and the desire for a rematch, we decided to repeat the challenge. For a change, we went on a short (since the track renovation, Krakow can be reached by train from Katowice in less than an hour – sick!) And a spontaneous journey with Kamil.

– Let’s go to Krakow, there will be more people , there will be something else!

It was like that and so far I am most satisfied with this production!

Is the result of our competition equally happy to me? Check it out for yourself in the video below:

Where did the idea come from?

I have heard „cool challenge” or „great idea” a few times. Such warm words are very motivating!

Unfortunately, the idea is not author’s 🙂 I was inspired by Youtuber – Pierre T. Lambert. Hope you don’t blame me, Pierre!

Credits to him for what he does, and below is a video from his street photography.

I collect ideas for the next films, and also ask you in polls to know what you would like to see! So feel free to write, and if you want to join, I sent you a link to the group above.

I am open to photographic actions, so if you have an idea that we can implement together, write to me!

Did we throw the failed recording to the trash?

Recording movies, like any project, carries the risk of failure. The more human factor and unreliable equipment, the more can go wrong.

Unfortunately, this was also the case with the recording.

There were a few hardware issues in the first video:

  • the tie microphone was disconnected
  • autofocus problems
  • unstable recording

Did we throw this recording into the trash?

Not! It was a lot of fun, and thanks to uploading the video to YouTube and Facebook, we got to know your opinion about the idea itself.

For the next recording, I purchased a DJI Ronin S camera stabilizer .

In the third recording, we recorded the sound from the microphone of the headphones (although it turned out later that the headphones were playing music that disrupted the entire audio).

I am not telling you this to complain or to explain myself.

I just want to say that the most important thing is to get started and then we can slowly make improvements.

Perfectionism would result in the removal of these materials and the killing of the project. And who knows who thanks to him I will meet and what he will lead me to.

This is how I use the agile methodology in my projects.

This can be summed up with the words of the Mirka Burnejki clothing brand „Done is better than perfect”.

How to market on YouTube based on this example?

I presented you with my idea. If you would like to find your recipe for a YouTube channel, I have one for you below.

I prepared it based on my YouTube experience. I posted the first movie in 2008, and on the channel Interestingly enough , I have a total of 2 million views.

YouTube’s recipe for business (and not only):

For each YouTube video, you’ll need four „ingredients”:

  • Something you like to do
  • Something to watch well
  • Something you can show
  • It connects with your work / activity

Something you like to do

It is important that you find something that gives you fun. For me this joy comes from a combination of passion and people.

Something to watch well

Everything can be presented in an interesting way on YouTube. Shoe repair, knife sharpening, charts – these are just a few more interesting examples.

The challenges count here.

Something you can show

Would you like to record meetings with the client, how do you provide your service with him?

Not everyone will agree, but maybe it will be possible if you offer him a discount in return?

Additionally, in some companies, for example, you may not be able to record the office.

Therefore, think about what part of your business you can share with the world.

I myself show taking photos and filming.

Something related to your work / activity

The easiest way to build trust is by showing yourself in your daily or related tasks.

Suppose you are a tattoo artist. Will the client who comes across you on the channel devoted to your other hobby – learning to crochet, come to you to make a tattoo?

That’s possible. If so, he was extremely lucky to find out that you were a tattoo artist. A personal brand and sympathy built in social media could work here.

Photographic challenges are related to my activity, in which I record advertising films as well as take business and product photos .

If you combine all of these, I guarantee you that the development of your own YouTube channel will be pure pleasure for you, as well as a source of income.

You won’t have to force yourself to think of new topics.

What’s more, you can ask your viewers – clients for ideas for movies !

In this post, I touched upon various threads.

Let me know if you would like me to discuss any of them in more detail!

I will develop this post on a regular basis with new videos, conclusions and tips.

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