Marketing Facebook, Instagram

Running Facebook or Instagram along with product ads. I provide services to companies comprehensively – from creating advertisements through searching for clients , consultations and optimization of advertising campaigns.

Price-list of services

Take advantage of the comprehensive e-marketing offer and choose a marketing package for your company.
Selected elements can be extended or exchanged for the production of additional photo and video materials or other services, e.g. SEO or running a blog .

Take advantage of the satisfaction guarantee if you first want to find out about the quality of the content and the effectiveness of your marketing activities.

The promotional prices given are net prices.

Full marketing

We will produce content and promote your business. Don't worry about marketing!
2000 Monthly
  • Services included in the basic package
  • Shopping ads with remarketing
  • 8 entries in the selected Social Media channel
  • 2 blog entries or competition entries
  • Unlimited business and marketing consultations
  • Cyclic production of video commercials
special offer

Basic Marketing

Recommended at the beginning for companies that want to start selling products and services.
500 Monthly
  • Service and configuration of an advertising account
  • Creation and optimization of an advertising campaign
  • Reports and analyst
  • 1h of marketing consultation

Social Media + SEO Starter

Sell more and increase the visibility of your business on Google.
1000 Monthly
  • Services included in Basic Marketing
  • Shopping ads with remarketing
  • 4 entries in the selected Social Media channel
  • 1 blog entry / contest
  • 3 hours of business and marketing consultations

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Who are my services for

Do you want more customers ? Create a good ad (like here )? Or maybe you don’t have time to take care of corporate social profiles?

If you answered yes to one of these questions, the next step will be our conversation about what your company needs

Together, we will be able to acquire customers and work on the image in social media!
If you want to deal with marketing yourself, in the „ training ” section I prepare something especially for you.

Guided brands

Implementation of TikTok posts

TikTok algorithms are not a problem for me! I will prepare a post for you from an idea to hundreds of thousands of views of your potential customers!
Check out the two videos below, with a total of over 300,000 views!

Tiktok dron rozwalony o paczkomat
Fly to the parcel locker and do not crash the drone 😂 #challenge #dowcip
TikTok filmik z wysyłaniem drona paczkomatem
For over 200,000 views, it is worth sending the drone with a parcel locker 📦

Posts made for the Vaire brand

Przykładowa reklama marki Vaire
Przykładowa reklama na mikołajki
Reklama produktowa z promocją 45%
Przykładowa reklama marki Vaire z Kacprem
Przykładowa reklama świąteczna
Przykładowa reklama marki Vaire smog w Twojej miejscowości

Posts made for the store

Ogólna reklama prezentów
Reklama środków do dezynfekcji
Reklama identyfikatora dla psa
Reklama przedmiotów grawerowanych

See in the case study how well-crafted ads contributed to the rescaling of small business!
You can download the case study here , just give us your email address.

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