3 ways to choose a social media channel for the company

3 ways to choose a social media channel for the company

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Are you struggling with the challenge of where to start creating content for your business, or maybe you want to choose an advertising platform for your client? Which social media platform is the best to use? Below you will learn about 3 personally tested methods of choosing a social media platform for the company.

The platform we use most often

The first method – publish in the medium in which we feel best and have our first followers.

Let me give you an example here. For her company, Kasia likes to record a lot of short content on insta stories. He enjoys a good relationship with clients who are eager to take part in the surveys. On Instagram, he creates nice graphics with touching descriptions. In a word, it feels great there. But what will happenWhen Kasia tries the same methods on YouTube, i.e. in a place where long content and a small number of interactions reign? It’s definitely worth a try! Let’s keep in mind if another medium will not consume the time that we would use on our favorite platform. Maybe it is worth thinking about delegating running one of the social media channels?

Let’s not run all possible social media channels at the same time *. Because then we may neglect some of them. And thanks to social media, dWe give the recipient the opportunity to get to know our company on the Internet. As with a physical company, we want him to go inside, look at the shelves and choose his product. If the shelves are empty, the customer will go to the competition. Empty shelves are an analogy of a neglected profile. Then this hits our credibility, and customers may have concerns about trusting us, and therefore buying our services.

* except for tools helpful in positioning, such as entries in the Google business card and others, which I will tell about in the next entries

What social media are our clients on?

The second way is to choose a platform based on what is popular with our audience.

  • We are looking for business clients – we go on LinkedIn .
  • In search of young audiences, we go to TikTok .
  • We find healthy eating fans on Instagram .
  • Fans of long commercials can be found on YouTube , and maybe even a parody like in Apart’s Christmas ad ?
  • And if you are looking for left-handed people , you choose Pornhub , as x-coms once did in their advertising campaign.
As an attentive reader, you may have noticed that it does not look like this it’s that easy. Yes, business relationships are easiest to build on LinkedIn, and the youngest recipients are on TikTok.
This is not a rule. Therefore, the second method cannot always be followed. In advertising, form and creativity are often more important. Thanks to this, you can create real gems – virals.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the above parody of a jewelry company ad was a paid-up part of an ad campaign. And what do you think about it?

The first and second methods are not for you? Below you can read one more idea on how to choose social media for a company. I’m sure you’ll like it!

Selection of social media based on the advertising budget

In social media, it is more and more difficult to achieve huge ranges without spending a single zloty on advertising. However, we still find a few platforms where this is possible. 

How to get customers for free?

Organic customer acquisition is a demanding and long-term job. Organic activities, unlike paid ones, work all the time, not only when we transfer cash to the owners of Facebook and Google. What are the possibilities of free traffic and leads acquisition?

You can use one of the free options: YouTube, TikTok, or your own blog.

On YouTube and TikToku, you need to „break the algorithm” so that users will be shown your videos in the suggestions.

We can treat the blog as our private social media platform. The results can be predicted and improved thanks to optimization services – SEO. An additional advantage is that we do not have to worry about blocking the content or even the account. It happens on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and also YouTube.

Are there cost differences here?

At what cost, since creating content here was supposed to be free? Let’s remember about resources such as time or equipment. YouTube requires more and more professional content, for which a phone with a camera may not be enough to create. You will need post-production of the material, i.e. cuts, sound effects, audio enhancement and more.

On TikTok, we will do everything with only a phone at our disposal.

It is different with a blog – if you can and want to create content yourself, your time will be at the expense, and it is good if you hire an SEO agency.

You can outsource the creation of content on each of these platforms to other entities. When is it worth delegating? You will find out about it soon in the entry.

Paid customer acquisition

If you have an advertising budget, you can buy ads on any platform. The differences in costs will depend on the complexity of the content (a long video will certainly be more expensive than an advertising entry) and the price of reaching the target customer.

Which social media platform to choose for your business?

If, after reading this post, you are still wondering which platform to choose, you can use professional analysis and delegate running social media.

And if you like to do it yourself, why not try each one in turn? 🙂

Just remember that publishing on each of the platforms can be really time-consuming. I know this because it took me 3 hours to prepare this post, and where is the time for other activities …

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