How to choose an advertising film for a company?

How to choose an advertising film for a company?

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How to choose an advertising film for a company? What are the types of advertising videos? See tips and some examples of professional advertising videos.

Several factors depend on what type of advertising film to choose for your business. The form will allow you to estimate the amount that should be spent on advertising. Depending on whether we just need to edit a video recorded with a telephone or a professional advertising film in a studio with actors. The right choice will allow you to save the advertising budget, as well as achieve the planned goals.

What are the types of advertising videos?

There are plenty of types of advertising films. What are the best ones for business, i.e. those that will attract the most customers?

  1. Product video – product demonstration
  2. Product animations, explanatory videos, instructional videos, explainer videos
  3. Behind the scenes
  4. Reach movie
  5. Customer Reviews

1. Product video - product demonstration

You have most likely come across the product video. When shopping online on a platform such as Aliexpress, or browsing Instagram, you could find a video showing the product and its operation.

My observations show that the advertising film is a great complement to product photos. However, it has one huge advantage – it can convey many times more information than a static image. Aliexpress is a good example that uses the potential of advertising videos. The products that achieve the highest sales are those that have an added video showing how the product works.

film produktowy aliexpress

See below an example of the product video of double-sided nano tape. The clip shows the product, its structure and many examples of usethanks to which it stimulates the imagination. You may not have seen the need to buy this product before, but it arouses interest, which makes you reflect that such a product may be useful in the future, and you click „buy now”.

2. Product animations, explanatory videos, instructional videos, explainer videos

Explanatory videos have many names. This is due to the translation of „explainer videos” which does not sound so good in Polish. These films are most often animated or are a combination of classic film and animation.

The purpose of this video is to guide you in easy steps to get started with a specific application. It is the equivalent of a product movie, but more often used in online solutions.

See below for an example of the Allegro instructional video. Pay attention to how easily you can empathize with the movie Ania and easily learn the entire process of the affiliate program.

3. Behind the scenes

Buyers need to trust your company to make a purchase. Not only does your website need to look safe, it’s best that your brand has a vision and your customers just like you.

Would you buy a car from someone you don’t like?

It is impossible to talk to every customer, especially when we are talking about large scale, e.g. in e-commerce. That is why it is worth creating a film that will show the backstage of our work – our headquarters, employees and what and how we do. Emotions are important here. We are more likely to like people who smile. Our subconsciousness assigns positive emotions to the expressions of our faces, and thus we think that the people presented there perform works with passion.

Below is an example showing the backstage of the Lays chips factory. The film, beyond the backstage of the factory’s operation, satisfies human curiosity and answers the question that no one has asked – „how are crisps made”. The film lacks employee enthusiasm. Probably because it’s produced more like the Discovery Channel „How It’s Made” movies than as a commercial.

4. Reach advertising

Reach ads, as the name suggests, are to reach the largest number of recipients. Their task is to show new customers that the company exists, and to remind existing customers of this fact.

Single impressions of this ad must be cheap, so they are usually very short and last a few seconds.

5. Customer Reviews

Nobody can advertise us better than the satisfied current customers who recommend us. It’s great when customers recommend you, when they notice a query about the services you provide. How can you turn it into an advertisement with a much greater reach?

The answer is an advertising film with customer testimonials. The more natural and honestly – the better. Such a film can be assembled from materials recorded with the phone. However, good video and audio quality as well as the format are very important.

How to choose an advertising film for a company?

Now that you know the types of advertising films, we can choose a specific type of film. Which industry will be the best film?

I will answer in 5 short points:

  1. I recommend product advertising to online stores
  2. Select explanatory videos for web applications and portals
  3. The backstage of the company’s work is the best for service industries
  4. Reach advertising will work well in any industry with a wide target group
  5. Regardless of the type of business, customer reviews will be useful

The above list does not take into account many factors such as budget and number of customers. Being at the beginning of the road, you will have no one to make a movie with customer testimonials.

Therefore, if you still do not know what type of advertising film to choose for your company, I will be happy to help you with an individual consultation. In addition, I create advertising films such as the above-mentioned ones.

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