Designing and creating web sites

Realization of websites and web applications

I will design and create a blog optimized for Google browsers, online store , landing page or web application.
See the latest realizations of web applications.

Express static pages

Landing page of the company, which produces anti-smog masks . The page is connected to the blog.

It is distinguished by its incredible speed – check it out for yourself!

This is the best choice if you want your customers to stay on the site as long as possible. You’ll also get the most conversions.

It is available as a smartphone application and offline.

The entire website is hosted in the cloud (in the free plan), so the only fixed cost you will incur is buying a domain.

Read in my post about the importance of page speed on conversions.

WooCommerce online stores

The online store was created using WordPress with the WooCommerce plugin.

The functionality of the store can be easily developed thanks to the available plugins.

Immediate integrations with payment providers, shipping operators or accounting systems .

You are not addicted to subscription-based paid solutions.

A specialist blog optimized for browsers.

The constantly developed blog dedicated to the improvement of the quality of life allows you to easily add and change content on the website.

The website structure and blog entries are optimized according to SEO principles. This ensures a growing position in Google.

The blog is integrated with an e-mail system (newsletter) that will help generate sales.

It is also possible to integrate with the WooCommerce store system .

projekt strony usługowej
projekt strony biura podróży
projekt portfolio fotograficznego

Service Pages

Pages dedicated to the implementation of services thanks to which you can easily get conversions.

I designed the website of the auto detailing company using transparency and icons to facilitate readability.

The website of the travel agency makes it easier for customers to sign up for a trip, as well as download a framework plan.

The page you are currently on – On her blog, I share my thoughts. You can check my offers, film portfolio and price list here.

ciasteczka na stronie szymon bubała

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